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About Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) SIG

The EDI SIG is open to all individuals, irrespective of how you identify, your level of seniority in your organisation, years of experience in the knowledge transfer sector or knowledge of matters relating to EDI. Everyone is valued and welcome.

We know that organisations with a workplace culture strong in equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging are more innovative, have been linked to increased organisational productivity and are positively perceived by their communities. Knowledge transfer practitioners are the translators and curators of academic derived innovation, driving promising technologies to our end users.

The EDI SIG is an open forum where members can discuss and learn everything about this important area. Through increased knowledge and the ability to visualise using an EDI lens, members will be able to incorporate EDI in into Knowledge Transfer/Technology Transfer (KT/TT) best practice.

As a new SIG, we want to hear from individuals who would like to learn about EDI initiatives, shape new initiatives and enhance KT/TT codes of practice. This could be from contributing ideas through our on-line meetings to volunteering to participate in our activities.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) SIG Resources


Tea with ASTP: Glimpses of the Spanish landscape, get set for 2024

Welcome to the new year and the first Tea with ASTP of 2024. As we prepare for the Annual Conference in Seville, Spain this May we will take a look at the KT landscape in Spain and discuss what to expect from the conference.


What's in store for women in innovation?

In this intriguing episode with three outstanding female talents, Camilla Carrapatoso, Emily Devonald and Anji Miller will discuss and share their experiences and challenges of working in and with innovation.


Women: the changing face of innovation

The association's EDI SIG met during the 2023 Annual Conference in Tallinn, Estonia to discuss how women are the changing face of innovation.

How to initiate a SIG?

Do you have a specialist interest, a burning issue, or a brilliant insight which you would like to share with the ASTP community? This guide book explains how you can initiate a Special Interest Group (SIG) with the help of HQ and your ASTP colleagues.

Download the Guide