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Nessim Kichik

Nessim Kichik

Senior Research Associate - King’s College London, UK

Chief Valorization Officer with Flanders Make, the strategic research center for the manufacturing industry.

Nessim Kichik is a Structural and Molecular Biologist and has studied the biology of oncogenesis, microbial infections and neurodegenerative disorders. Nessim works at King’s College London on research to shed light to the immunology of Candida albicans infections and to elucidate their underlying molecular mechanisms. Nessim has coordinated cross-institutional translational research projects aimed at developing new therapies to treat fungal infections and, since 2017, he has been a member of the Partners Board of two biotechnology start-ups. These professional experiences seeded Nessim’s interest to start a career in Technology Transfer and in 2021 he successfully applied for an AUTM-LifeArc Fellowship.