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About Agrifood SIG

The Agrifood SIG is a forum for technology transfer professionals to navigate and overcome some of the key challenges of commercialising research-based innovation across our global food supply chain. From regenerative agriculture and aquaculture, urban farming and circular waste systems through to novel food & nutrition product development, sustainable packaging, distribution and digital traceability, the road to achieving the ultimate goal: viable, scalable spinouts and start-ups, requires a multi-diverse approach.

This group gathers to identify opportunities in collaboration with Industry and will help to mitigate the risks associated with commercialization of quality, high-tech innovations that are fit for the launch of successful pilot projects, and sustainable business ventures within the food sector.

Other SIGs

Agrifood SIG Resources


Agrifood SIG | March 2023

How decentralised food systems can leverage innovation ecosystems to achieve paradigm shifts


AgriFood SIG #2 | Plant based technologies

Find out how a unique plant-based technology and entrepreneurship hold the key to pushing the boundaries in the food industry.


Agrifood SIG Launch meeting

With around one-third of global GHG emissions coming from the food system, transforming food production and consumption is critical to tackling the climate crisis. Against rising pressure from worsening climate change and other stressors, it is now more important than ever to build an agrifood innovation ecosystem.


Tea with ASTP: a personal journey from academia to industry

Martin Järvekülg built one successful career as a researcher in Material Science and one in the technology transfer and entrepreneurship space. Now Head of Research and Development with Click and Grow, Martin describes his personal journey and success.

How to initiate a SIG?

Do you have a specialist interest, a burning issue, or a brilliant insight which you would like to share with the ASTP community? This guide book explains how you can initiate a Special Interest Group (SIG) with the help of HQ and your ASTP colleagues.

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