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About Directors' Forum SIG

The Directors' Forum SIG aims to exchange experiences between directors of a KTO. The themes focus on the management of a KTO and all aspects that are involved: HR, policy, financials, reporting, software tools and other relevant topics. The SIG also aims to support smaller KTOs or newer KTO directors in their growth trajectory. The SIG also intends to join forces to make certain themes negotiable at a European level or to encourage other actors to offer solutions to our needs.

It is the intention, each year to select a specific topic to launch at the face-to-face Directors Forum meeting to be followed up with online meetings with the intention to deliver a  position paper at the end of the year. The Directors' Forum will also allow you to network with your peers and set up smaller discussion groups on selected topics.

Are you a director of a KT/TTO who would like to connect and communicate with your peers? Contact Arlyta to join this SIG and build your community.

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How to initiate a SIG?

Do you have a specialist interest, a burning issue, or a brilliant insight which you would like to share with the ASTP community? This guide book explains how you can initiate a Special Interest Group (SIG) with the help of HQ and your ASTP colleagues.

Download the Guide