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Author image by Aurora Genta

From May 24 to May 26, 2023, the highly anticipated ASTP Annual Conference Joint Action for Global Impact took place in Estonia's vibrant capital city, Tallinn. This event brought together over 300 knowledge transfer (KT) and technology transfer (TT) professionals, creating a platform for in-depth discussions on the latest challenges, projects, and opportunities facing the community.

Day 1: The conference kicked off with two masterclasses: Managing Conflict of Interests and How to Handle Researcher and Industry Interactions.

In addition, three Special Interest Group (SIG) workshops on Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts (SSHA); Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI); and Digital Innovations (DI) were available to ASTP members. These events were followed by a National Association Advisory Council (NAAC) meeting, uniting all member-states to share common interests and discuss strategies on how to to advocate for the profession on national and trans-national platforms.

The day culminated in a Welcome Reception at the Energy Discovery Centre, the first social event of the conference welcomed all participants and preceded the Directors' Dinner.

Day 2, commenced with the Opening Plenary and Keynote, setting the tone for an engaging and informative day ahead. The First Parallel Session covered diverse topics, including KTH innovation readiness level, climate change, and TTO strategies to engage university stakeholders.

During the Knowledge Stock Exchange (KSE), several organisations and universities showcased their case studies and projects in three sessions: Innovation Landscape, Initiative Sharing, and Marketplace. The KSE provided an excellent opportunity for participants to expose their latest solutions and form partnerships with KT and TT experts.

Continuing the flow of insightful sessions, the Second Parallel Session delved into crucial subjects such as Data Management, Legal Measures in KT, and the Industry-Academia Interface.

At the General Assembly, Christophe Haunold was re-elected for a second term as ASTP President, and three new board members, Tom Flanagan, Art Bos, and Laura Spinardi, were welcomed into the ASTP leadership.

The day culminated in the Conference Dinner, held at the Seaplane Harbour Museum, providing a splendid conclusion to an eventful second day.

Day 3. Eager to maintain momentum, the last day began with an energetic start as guests has the option to participate in a morning run, yoga, or tai chi session to wake up before another day of knowledge sharing.

The Morning Plenary by Alastair Banks shed light on the latest online tools transforming technology transfer, and the Third and Fourth Parallel Sessions focused on various topics, including Machine Learning and AI, Transitional Funding Models, TTO Strategies, and managing biological material and data in exploiting innovative solutions.

The conference reached its end with a speech by the ASTP President during the Closing Drinks, leaving participants with a sense of fulfilment and looking forward to implementing the acquired knowledge and fulfilling impactful relationships.

ASTP Annual Conference 2023 in Tallinn was a resounding success, providing a dynamic and collaborative platform for professionals to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving KT landscape.

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