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Alastair Banks

Alastair Banks

Director - Optix Solutions, UK

Director, Optix Solutions

In 1999 while studying Computer Science at Exeter University, Alastair started a digital marketing agency (Optix Solutions). Twenty-one years on they have a team of almost 20 covering all aspects of ‘Digital' and are recognised as one of the leading agencies in the UK.

Alastair enjoys nothing more than sharing his experience, thoughts and knowledge with people and organisations around Europe. He guest lectures on London Business School's MBA Summer School each year and  on Exeter University’s MBA programme and speaks around Europe at various conferences, usually on the topics of personal brand & digital marketing trends.

In his spare time, he coaches CEO’s and Marketers in the world of personal branding, helping them with their public profiles and giving them confidence to get out there and build their brands online.

Alastair has authored a number of online courses including a LinkedIn Masterclass which have been taken by over 20,000 students across the globe.