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About Legal SIG

So much of our work involves legal questions and dilemmas. This SIG works to collect and share knowledge and experience. Join the SIG and their monthly meeting with different legal topics each month.

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Legal SIG Resources


Tea with ASTP: Defining Inventorship

We have all been involved in cases regarding inventorship. Some of these situations can be either tricky or can be solved in a more fact-based manner. Research staff often don't know the difference between a co-author of an article and a co-inventor. This webinar drills down into the details of Defining Inventorship.


Doing Business in the United States

Biotechnology and genetics research have been the subject of extensive investment by both the public and private sectors, with the resulting products and processes making a significant and increasing contribution to human health and health care.

Training Materials

How to get the Best out of Licensing?

How to initiate a SIG?

Do you have a specialist interest, a burning issue, or a brilliant insight which you would like to share with the ASTP community? This guide book explains how you can initiate a Special Interest Group (SIG) with the help of HQ and your ASTP colleagues.

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