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University - Industry partnerships for positive change: transformational strategic alliances towards UN SDGs

Strategic partnerships should aim to become 'transformational' for all parties and achieve wider societal benefit by addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). These novel alliances are long-term, multi-faceted, peer-to-peer, and formal, with high interorganisational commitment and a strong alignment to values.

During this masterclass, leading practitioners and thought leaders shall explain contemporary issues impacting partnerships and consider practical elements to make them thrive. They will explain, with examples from their own experience, how transformational alliances move beyond the transactional and help to accelerate progress towards achieving an organisation's mission; with industry, academia, civil society, or government. These practitioners shall passionately argue that successful partnerships, underpin not only achieving the UN SDGs, but also the next generation of universities. This second edition of the masterclass is longer to better accommodate questions at the end.

This session is aimed at knowledge exchange (KE), business development (BD) and industry-facing academics who wish to be more effective at interacting with industry, in diverse geographies (this could include both those inside tech transfer offices and those based in departments); leaders ‘at all levels’ with a focus on research, external engagement, innovation and entrepreneurship, corporate relations and fundraising; academics and Master of Business Administration (MBA) students with interests including innovation management, university–industry relations (the interface between academic science and industry), organisation theory, entrepreneurship and regional economic development.

Learning Objectives

  • Contractual engagement process in a structured and strategic manner transformational - not transactional
  • Importance of corporate engagement with a long term perspective
  • Impactful – knowledge exchange is broader than tech transfer.
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