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Halo Science is a technology platform and network where scientific innovators connect directly with companies for research collaborations and funding opportunities.

Learn more about their proposals and how you can contribute.

Deadline: July 31, 2024.

Greif is looking for experts that can address better ways to reduce, recover and/or reuse OCC screen rejects from paper mill operations. They are seeking experts in waste management and recycling, particularly within the paper industry, to collaborate on and explore innovative solutions. The goal is to reduce waste, enhance sustainability, and optimise resource utilisation. You can read more about the project call here.

Bayer Crop Science is looking for anything from a product concept around a gene edit in a fruit or vegetable crop to an existing and characterised edit. The proposal submission must include a product or focus developed through gene editing or NBTs in a fruit or vegetable crop. You can read more about the project call here.

This private sponsor is looking for experts in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biochemical, microbial, or related fields to evaluate and develop novel stabilisation technologies for biologicals. They are interested in technologies that can offer foundational platforms for stabilising representative biological candidates. Given the wide range of storage conditions specific to different market applications, they are open to solutions adaptable to various scenarios, provided they do not rely on cold storage. Stabilising solutions must eventually meet several requirements, such as being sustainably sourced, free of microplastics, using GRAS-listed or inert ingredients, and ultimately complying with agricultural input regulations. Proposals encompassing all mentioned considerations will be given priority, yet they are open to dialogue in this space regardless of stage of technology. You can read more about the project call here.

Amcor is looking for a model that can predict the impact on cycle time based on PCR attributes and the percentage of PCR incorporated into the PET resin. The developed model should take into account different preform designs and machines with varying capacities and functionalities. You can read more about the project call here.

    Partner Events

    LES Benelux | AGM and Topic Meeting

    27 June 2024
     The Hague, Netherlands

    The AGM and Topic Meeting of the LES Benelux Society will take place on June 27, 2024 in The Hague.

    2024 Sarima Conference

    03 September 2024
     Maputo, Mozambique

    You are welcome to join the 2024 Sarima Conference from September 3-5 in Maputo, Mo.zambique