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Author image by Alessandra Baccigotti

On 4th May ASTP will host the fifth edition of the ASTP-EU Forum which has become increasingly recognised event representing an open forum for discussion between the European institutions and our community of knowledge and technology transfer professionals. As on previous occasions, we will host representatives of different units of the European Commission, who will share information and updates on various policy areas which are of interest for the ASTP community.

In particular, the Unit for Valorisation policies and IPR will share with us updates on the recently adopted policies and tools as well as the next developments in knowledge valorisation. The ERC will present the results of a new study revealing how frontier research spurs patented inventions. The EIC will provide further insight on the Transition Open funding scheme and on the role of technology transfer to support funded projects. Finally, for the first time we will host a representative of the unit in charge of innovation policy and access to finance who will present the New European Innovation Agenda.

The Forum offers plenty of opportunities to stay up to date on the European policy context and to interact with policymakers and peers operating in the world of knowledge transfer!

Learn more and register here!

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