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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

Are you a young KT professional, within higher education and/or a research organisation, under 30 years old who can demonstrate an interest in self-improvement and honing their KT skills? Consider applying for this scholarship.

The prize is intended to contribute to costs associated with your professional development, such as your attendance at conferences, masterclasses or training courses for KT professionals. These may include training courses run by ASTP or by other organisations.

The grant is equivalent to € 2,250 and will be administered by ASTP such that the winner shall claim reimbursement of all eligible costs to the sum of € 2,250 from ASTP. Eligible costs include the attendance fee, travel and accommodation/ subsistence costs. For winners who are not yet members of ASTP, they will be offered 12-months free membership of ASTP.

Ready to apply?

Interested candidates are invited to send their LinkedIn profile, CV and a letter of motivation (or video) stating how they would spend the prize money and what impact it would have on their career development. Application should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from your line manager.

  • Applications in English
  • Under 30 at the time of application
  • There can be only one application to the scheme by any individual/ organisation in any given year.
  • Submit your application to headquarters@astp4kt.eu. Please, mark your application as "ASTP-TII Scholarship".

1st round of applications is now open until 2nd of September 2024.

The winner will be announced by 20th of September 2024 and the successful candidate will then be able to start to register for events and claim reimbursement from ASTP.

The winner should aim to use their grant within 12 months of award. Applications will be assessed by a jury of three KT professionals, including one TII representative.

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