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What’s so special about quantum computing and how to protect its IP

Quantum computing is one of the next big technologies. Join long-standing ASTP member, Robert Harrison, who is also a Board Member of the European Quantum Industry Consortium, to gain an understanding of the physics and maths behind quantum computing and the IP rights involved.

Rob will explain what makes quantum computing so different than conventional computing and its real-world applications in diverse fields such as logistics, finance, pharmaceuticals, and artificial intelligence. Rob is happy to receive questions in advance - and promises not to kill any cats during the webinar.

ASTP acknowledges the support of the European Union in preparing this talk. Qu-Test and Qu-Pilot projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe - The EU research & innovation programme under the Grant Agreement numbers 101113901 and 101079926. Visit the websites for more information: QU-PILOT: https://qu-pilot.eu/ QU-TEST: https://qu-test.eu/


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