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Invention Disclosure Document

At the moment an invention is disclosed to the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), the totality of information needed for assessing the invention and possibly filing a patent is often distributed over several persons.



Guidelines: Licensing genetic inventions

Biotechnology and genetics research have been the subject of extensive investment by both the public and private sectors, with the resulting products and processes making a significant and increasing contribution to human health and health care.



Guidelines: Human biobanks and genetic research databases

Human biobanks and genetic research databases which bring together and allow the sharing of human biological material and information derived from its analysis, are a key element of the scientific infrastructure underpinning such research.



Research and Development Collaborations training

“You don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself” - this September’s raft of ASTP-Proton training courses are lining up to make a real impact on the professional development and network community of the participants.



Patent Inventor Form

In order to assist its researchers in providing this information, KU Leuven Research & Development (technology transfer office of KU Leuven) has developed a mandatory Patent Inventor Form.



MRC Ethics on Human Tissue and Biological samples for use in research

Samples of human biological material are used for many purposes and are of increasing importance as the funders of research, whether public, charitable or commercial, prioritise areas which rely upon access to human biological samples.



IPR in China: Guidance for Researchers

Though the scale and substance of collaborations varies, a basic understanding of intellectual property rights (IPR) within the Chinese context may help to maximize the success of joint cooperation.



IP Management in research collaboration between EU and non-EU partners

More and more innovation is driven by research collaborations between different entities. Within the context of globalized economy, these research and innovation collaborations are becoming increasingly internationalised.


Journals and Articles

Targeted inhalation improves aerosol therapy efficiency

The efficiency of drug delivery to the lungs depends on various parameters, some of which are influenced by the inhalation system being utilised.