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ASTP-EU Forum #5 | Spring 2023

The Unit for Valorisation policies and IPR shared with us updates on the recently adopted policies and tools as well as the next developments in knowledge valorisation. The ERC presented the results of a new study revealing how frontier research spurs patented inventions. The EIC provided further insight on the Transition Open funding scheme and on the role of technology transfer to support funded projects. Finally, for the first time we hosted a representative of the unit in charge of innovation policy and access to finance who presented the New European Innovation Agenda. The Forum offers plenty of opportunities to stay up to date on the European policy context and to interact with policymakers and peers operating in the world of knowledge transfer!



Tea with ASTP: Managing Open Source software in academia

In this webinar, Mauro Lattuada explored some practical issues about sharing software in Open Source in academia and the role of the TTOs relating to IP valorisation in connection to Open Source.



Tea with ASTP: The value of human knowledge in the era of AI

AI literacy could help us to understand appropriate and inappropriate uses of Generative AI, and to assert the value of human knowledge in the era of AI.



Digital Innovations SIG: World Lunch #4

Quantum computing is one of the next big technologies. Robert Harrison, who is also a Board Member of the European Quantum Industry Consortium, explains how to gain an understanding of the physics and maths behind quantum computing and the IP rights involved.



Report of the First ASTP Directors’ Forum 2023

Enhancing Knowledge Transfer Offices: Addressing Information Needs and Challenges in Reporting to Stakeholders



Tea with ASTP: Preparing inventors for commercialisation

We all want more deals and start-ups, better metrics and more impact. How do we accomplish it, especially on a limited budget?



Openness, IPR and Technology Transfer

This webinar aims to clarify the differences between “open” practices and policies and to show that openness is not incompatible with IP protection or commercial exploitation. The focus on “open” requirements will be in the context of the EC’s Horizon Europe funding programme, and the implications for TTOs.



What's in store for women in inovation?

In this intriguing episode with three outstanding female talents, Camilla Carrapatoso, Emily Devonald and Anji Miller will discuss and share their experiences and challenges of working in and with innovation.



Responsible Reproducible Research (R3)

Responsible and Reproducible Research (R3): Does it really matter? In this talk, Laurent Heirendt will give you a tour d’horizon of R3, highlight its ambitious goals, and demonstrate that R3 matters more than you might think, why you should care, and how you can get started the R3 way.



KEVRI: the smarter way to translate knowledge into impact

In this dynamic session, Corin and Natalie provide valuable insights about fostering collaborations between universities and businesses to drive innovation. Learn about best practices and real-world use cases. Discover how KEVRI can streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive results.