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Deeper into Tech Transfer: EPO and ASTP

There are many exciting developments to present and we will look towards the future perspectives in and beyond the project. We will also provide useful information if you are interested further about the PATLIB network and wish to apply to be part of the growing PATLIB community.



Tea with ASTP : Transitioning to Knowledge Valorisation

This webinar presented the vision for a competitive Europe under a new set of knowledge valorisation principles and how they can bring a change to the European innovation ecosystem. We also discussed how they can stimulate national innovation ecosystems and what you can do to facilitate the transition to the new era.



Tea with ASTP: The Three Dimensions of Entrepreneurship

In this webinar, Russell Smith shared the three frameworks of enterprise, environment and entropy that now comprise what has become known as the ‘New Standard Model’ for business or “The Three Dimensions of Entrepreneurship". Professor Smith an author of the newly release work, The Three Dimensions of Entrepreneurship.

  • Aimed at: Academic leaders at research centres, TTO & KTO Directors


Tea with ASTP : Key success factors for technology transfer

The meeting with reflections on the work of the European project ProgressTT, on the key success factors (KSF’s) for technology transfer, and the role of the research institution's management and the TTO office.

  • Aimed at: working practices, case studies


New Professionals SIG Meeting #1

The newly established New Professionals Special Interest Group instigated their first meeting in February 2022. This is a recording of their first meeting, with special guest Alessandra Baccigotti outline the road to professional accreditation with ATTP.

  • Aimed at: New Professionals,


Tea with ASTP: Creating Successful Collaborations

In this Tea with ASTP, two KT veterans Jeff Skinner and Christophe Haunold, shared their experiences of developing successful collaborations, highlighting routes to success and pitfalls to avoid.



Towards a reform of the research assessment system

From March to November 2021, the European Commission consulted European and international stakeholders on how to facilitate and speed up reform so that the quality, performance and impact of research and researchers are assessed on the basis of more appropriate criteria and processes.