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World Intellectual Property Indicators 2020

The World Intellectual Property Indicators 2020 report covers 2019 data, predating the human and economic shock of the COVID-19 pandemic. What this year’s WIPI documents, however, is a strong foundation of IP activity that will serve as a base for new advancements as the pandemic subsides.

  • Aimed at: Academic leaders at research centres, TTO & KTO Directors


EPO: Valorisation of Scientific Results 2020

Valorisation of scientific results Patent commercialisation scoreboard: European universities and PROs”, finds that licensing is by far the preferred channel of commercialisation (accounting for 70% of the commercialisation of inventions), followed by R&D co-operation (14%) and the sale of patents (9%).



Tea with ASTP: Open Hardware

Andrew Katz will explore the dynamics of open technologies, and consider whether open hardware has the potential to be as successful as open source software.



Tea with ASTP: Negotiating Licensing Terms

In this webinar recording, Anja Zimmerman, discusses how knowledge and technology transfer can happen in numerous ways, from publication of research results to collaborations between scientist, between research organisations, between academia and industry or by creating companies.



Tea with ASTP: Technology Marketing

Sometimes universities and research organisations fail to turn research results into marketable products or services, not because of lack of scientific excellence or technical innovativeness but, because of non-technological barriers such as economic, environmental, social, regulatory, or legal obstacles.



Tea with ASTP: Knowledge Transfer for a Data Economy

The ever-increasing digital transformation of our society and economy is bringing along the generation of a wealth of data with high value-add potential through the extraction of useful insights.



Digital Innovations SIG | October 2020

The Digital Innovations community met online in October 2020 to discuss IPR Lifecyle Management, Software License Deal Terms Survey, Open Source Software Management and a new action line on Data Management and GDPR compliance.



Tea with ASTP: KT Metrics: New Trends and EC Recommendations

In this webinar, two KT experts who worked with the EC JRC on the recently published Knowledge Transfer (KT) Metrics’ Report, will discuss it's finding and plans for the future.



Tea with ASTP: Frugal Innovations

Frugal Innovation is the art of developing solutions by “doing more with less" creating more aggregate value for a client while reducing energy, waste, complexity, time and capital of a product. Hear Allan Báez Morales, Director of Programs and Partnerships at the Frugal Innovation Hub, University of Santa Clara, Ca.



Tea with ASTP: Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing

Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing is an international agreement aimed at the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources. Access and benefit-sharing obligations are established and negotiated between the country of origin and the researcher.



Tea with ASTP: IP management strategies at the time of covid-19

The pandemic prompted universities and public research organisations to re-think their IP management strategies. Various open licenses have been developed granting free temporary access to IP rights to tackle the coronavirus crisis. Do IPRs represent a barrier to access innovation in times of health emergencies?