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  • Aimed at: Academic leaders at research centres, TTO & KTO Directors
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In 2019, trademark and industrial design filing activity increased by 5.9% and 1.3%, respectively. A 3% decline in global patent applications, the first fall in a decade, was driven by a drop in filings by Chinese residents amidst an overall shift in regulations there aimed at optimising application structures. Excluding China, global patent filings rose 2.3% – the highest rate of growth in years.

The rich data and insights contained in this report are of critical value to a broad audience. Policy makers use it to understand a competitive global economic environment. IP offices, as well as WIPO, use the figures to guide their operational planning. Researchers rely on our findings to understand which technologies are being developed, and where. The private sector and IP professionals can benefit from data in the WIPI identifying trends affecting their industry and the economy at large. I sincerely hope all WIPI readers find this report illuminating.

Read the full report here (pdf)

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