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Author image by Arlyta Wibowo-Kruzinga

On the initiative of Legal SIG members from ETH Zurich, ASTP members interested in reviving the Legal SIG, after some time of inactivity met during ASTP’s Annual Conference in Seville in May 2024. 

In these informal meetings at which ASTP Board were also present, the participants exchanged views on potential issues to tackle within the Legal SIG in the future. For most, the primary goal of a Legal SIG is the exchange of best practices and experiences. The participants recognised that the establishment of a Legal SIG core team is necessary to sustain continuity of the SIG’s meetings and activities. It was suggested that the Legal SIG meetings could be documented by rolling minutes to which everyone present in meetings could contribute. There was consensus that for the purpose of exchanges between the SIG members a platform such as Microsoft Teams should be used, including a Legal SIG team channel which could be hosted and moderated by ASTP HQ. Another idea was to discuss principles for collaboration agreements between ASTP member institutions. ASTP Board members encouraged the Legal SIG to identify and suggest topics for developing ASTP trainings tailored to the needs of knowledge transfer professionals active in the field of contracts and legal questions. These topics might also inspire sessions with legal focus at the next ASTP conference.

You are most welcome to join the relaunch of the Legal SIG in a first Legal SIG online meeting organised by ASTP on Tuesday, 18 June at 14:00-15:00 CEST. Register here

All members on the Legal SIG mailing list will receive an invitation soon. To join the Legal SIG and become part of the mailing list, please click on “Join Now” here.

ASTP also invites you all to come forward if you are interested in being a part of the core team of the Legal SIG or if you have suggestions for legal topics to discuss in the Legal SIG. In this case, kindly communicate your interest or suggestions to Arlyta Wibowo-Kruzinga at arlyta.wibowo-kruzinga@astp4kt.eu.

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