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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

Following the acquisition early last year, leading biopharma partnering platform, Inova and academic-industry collaboration experts, IN-PART are today unveiling the new, fully merged entity, Inpart. By aligning IN-PART’s online matchmaking platform with Inova’s partnership management platform, tech transfer offices, academic researchers, venture capital firms and wider industry can now benefit from leveraging one online destination to both find new partnerships and track them on the route to market, helping bring science to life.

The merger of the two companies follows 18 months of work to strategically align the offerings from both with a focus on providing scientists and R&D teams with a seamless experience where more time and focus can be spent on uncovering the latest developments across science and advancing research. With the new integrated offering, Inova’s deal making and tracking processes now form part of a centralised platform for lead sourcing, opportunity triage, deal execution and alliance management.

“We’ve seen the world of partnering evolve so quickly in recent years, and companies need more than just the usual collaboration tracking tools. They also require integration into a smart system that brings decision-makers across multiple scientific networks together and aggregates third party data sources for more intelligent research commercialisation. says Patrick Speedie, Chief Development Officer, Inpart (Previously CEO and co-founder of IN-PART).

Whether it’s a new biomarker for blood cancer, a wheat gene resistant to drought, or a new way to extract carbon out of the atmosphere, Inpart’s integrated platform will help unlock the impact of research from academic, biotech and startup labs around the world through partnerships with industry.

“We are excited by the potential for growth and further collaboration offered by our new integrated offering. By combining the IN-PART and Inova platforms and expertise, decision makers across academia and industry will be empowered to take innovations from bench to bedside or factory floor. It’s a statement of our ambition to bring science to life across all areas of research,” says Dr Robin Knight, Global Chief Product Officer, Inpart (previously co-founder of IN-PART).

Inpart will remain deeply invested in development of its bespoke CRM system for biopharma R&D, which will continue to aggregate information and connect with potential partners, removing much of the manual work associated with a traditional tracking system. The organisation’s development team represents 80% of its R&D efforts, with plans in place to grow this team by 50% in 2024.

“The launch of Inpart today is an exciting milestone in what has been a nearly two-year journey to bring the two companies together. Inova are leaders in the partnering space and the missing piece of the puzzle was that initial matchmaking capability which IN-PART brought to the table. This strategic move sets to consolidate our position as a leader and pioneer in the digitalization of the biopharma partnering space,” says Gilles Toulemonde, CEO, Inpart (previously CEO of Inova).

For more information, please visit www.inpart.io.

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