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Guidelines: Licensing genetic inventions

Biotechnology and genetics research have been the subject of extensive investment by both the public and private sectors, with the resulting products and processes making a significant and increasing contribution to human health and health care.



Guidelines: Human biobanks and genetic research databases

Human biobanks and genetic research databases which bring together and allow the sharing of human biological material and information derived from its analysis, are a key element of the scientific infrastructure underpinning such research.



Drug Discovery and Development: Understanding the R&D process

The path from understanding a disease to bringing a safe and effective new treatment to patients is lengthy and complex. Scientists work to piece together the basic causes of disease at the level of genes, proteins and cells.



Practices, policies and possibilities in licensing in Human Genetics

This document starts from the observation that in tandem with rapid advances in biotechnology research having valuable applications for use in healthcare the Canadian technology transfer activity has grown significantly.



Organise to take advantage of opportunities at IOCB

The IOCB Technology Transfer Office s.r.o (IOCB TTO) is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of IOCB and a leading technology transfer office in the Czech Republic in the field of pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology research and development.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR, v.v.i (Czech Republic)
  • TTO: Technology Transfer Office


MRC Ethics on Human Tissue and Biological samples for use in research

Samples of human biological material are used for many purposes and are of increasing importance as the funders of research, whether public, charitable or commercial, prioritise areas which rely upon access to human biological samples.



Technology scouting at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

The NMBU Technology Transfer (NMBU TTO) was established in 2004 to create value from good ideas and research results from Norwegian Institute of Life Sciences. Unlike many other TTOs in Norway, the TTO at NMBU is an internal unit that belongs to the Research Department.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) (Norway)
  • TTO: NMBU Technology Transfer (NMBU TTO)


TechID units at the Hospitals of Copenhagen Region of Denmark

Copenhagen University Hospital is a conglomerate of several hospitals in the region, together with the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The Hospital has 5 strategic research areas, and a clinical research centre.

  • Aimed at: TTOs/PROs/Research Hospitals/Policy-makers
  • University: Hospitals of Copenhagen Region of Denmark (Denmark)
  • TTO: Clinical Research Centre and the regional Centre for Innovation and Research