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The 'Entrepreneurs in Transit' at University of Manchester

The University of Manchester Intellectual Property (UMIP) was established in 2004 as the University’s agent for intellectual property management and commercialisation.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: The University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
  • TTO: The University of Manchester Intellectual Property (UMIP)


Invention Disclosure Document

At the moment an invention is disclosed to the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), the totality of information needed for assessing the invention and possibly filing a patent is often distributed over several persons.



Drug Discovery and Development: Understanding the R&D process

The path from understanding a disease to bringing a safe and effective new treatment to patients is lengthy and complex. Scientists work to piece together the basic causes of disease at the level of genes, proteins and cells.



Starting, financing and building life science technology to success

The development of life science technologies typically involve long timelines and stringent regulatory hurdles, which in combination result in a high investment capital need. In contrast, the financial and societal reward can be tremendous in case of success.



Processes and requirements with respect to spin-out company formation

While the IP Office recognizes that the specifics of any start-up company development may be unique, it has identified a number of common elements and the IP Office has developed standard mechanisms and support structures to assist with this process.



Practices, policies and possibilities in licensing in Human Genetics

This document starts from the observation that in tandem with rapid advances in biotechnology research having valuable applications for use in healthcare the Canadian technology transfer activity has grown significantly.



Organising a multi-university TT company at Ascenion

Founded in 2001 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LifeScience Foundation, Ascenion is a technology transfer company focusing on the field of life sciences. It currently serves a total of 23 research institutes and university hospitals all over Germany.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: Ascenion GmbH
  • TTO: 23 Institutes / University hospitals (Germany)


Creating start-up: Accessing the appropriate investment capital

Money has no smell. However, within the market there are different types of venture capitalist, which vary in terms of amount of capital invested per participation, management style and objectives, requirements with respect to the company management team, etc.