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Sigmar Lampe

Sigmar Lampe

Legal Advisor IP and Licensing in the Office for Partnership - University of Luxembourg , Luxembourg

Sigmar Lampe has been Legal Advisor IP and Licensing in the Office for Partnership, Knowledge and Technology Transfer at the University of Luxembourg since September 2011.

Sigmar's experience includes identifying intellectual property assets in research results and developing the university’s intellectual property portfolio, advising on proof-of-concept projects and technology transfer into spin-off companies, negotiating licence agreements, and advising on collaborative research projects with industry partners.

Sigmar co-directed the ASTP Software-Specific Challenges in Licensing course in 2018, 2019, 2020 and is a co-chair of the ASTP Special Interest Group “Digital Innovation”. He regularly teaches course modules related to patentability of computer-implemented inventions and software and data licensing.

A qualified European Patent Attorney and European Trademark Attorney, Sigmar has over 10 years’ experience in private practice, representing an international client base with the patent and trademark offices. Additionally, he was one of the directors of a software company developing a web-based IP-asset management system.

He started his career in intellectual property as an examiner at the European Patent Office in The Hague, Netherlands. Sigmar’s background is in semiconductor engineering, with a degree from RWTH Technical University Aachen, Germany.