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Author image by Arlyta Wibowo-Kruzinga

On Wednesday, 22 May, and Thursday, 23 May, the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts Special Interest Group (SSHA SIG) held two impactful workshops at the ASTP Annual Conference in Seville, Spain.

Initiated by Christoph Köller in 2015, the SSHA SIG has grown into one of the largest and most active Special Interest Groups within the ASTP community. Over the years, it has delivered numerous events and, during the pandemic, pioneered the popular online 30-minute monthly webinar known as the Flashlight, featuring guest speakers. In April 2024, the SSHA SIG hosted its 29th Flashlight session.

Christoph Köller, who has led the SSHA SIG for a decade, moderated his final two interactive workshops in Seville. These sessions were marked by engaging discussions and valuable insights, highlighting the group's significant contributions to the field. As Christoph steps down, he passes the leadership torch to Frida Koslowski, ushering in a new era for the SSHA SIG.

We extend our deepest thanks to Christoph for his ten years of dedication and leadership. His efforts have significantly shaped the SSHA community, and we look forward to the new direction and innovations under Frida's guidance.

If you are not yet a member of the SSHA SIG but are interested in joining, you can learn more here or contact Arlyta at arlyta.wibowo-kruzinga@astp4kt.eu.

Register here for the next Impact Flashlight: SHAPE development in the Netherlands continues to evolve and make an impact.

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