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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

In early December, The Council of the European Union adopted the Recommendation on the guiding principles for knowledge valorisation to increase socioeconomic impact from research and innovation and align policy guidance.

This will replace the 2008 Commission Recommendation on the management of intellectual property in knowledge transfers related to universities and public research organisations.

The guiding principles will now cover the entire research and innovation ecosystem and the full range of knowledge generated by EU research and innovation. They also promote entrepreneurial approaches with a focus on the use and re-use of knowledge to increase impact. Its implementation will rely on the engagement of stakeholders and their active participation in valorisation activities.

The recommendation is responding to the urgent challenges the EU is facing by ensuring that data, know-how and research results are transformed efficiently into sustainable products, services and policies that benefit society.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth said:

“The guiding principles for knowledge valorisation will help boosting the impact of research and innovation to better respond to the global climate, energy and health crises, for the benefit of the environment, the society and the economy.”

The new guidance comprises guiding principles addressing; knowledge valorisation in research and innovation policy; skills and capacities; system of incentives; intellectual asset management; relevance in public funding schemes; peer learning; metrics, monitoring and evaluation.

Implementing the guiding principles at national, regional and local level will improve industry-academia collaboration, enhance participation of researchers in standardisation, support the connection between science and policy-makers and increase the involvement of citizens and civil society in developing and deploying innovative solutions.

The guiding principles will be implemented through a Code of practice on the management of intellectual assets for knowledge valorisation foreseen to be adopted in February 2023.

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