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Kirstin Schilling

Kirstin Schilling

Managing Director - Innovectis GmbH, Germany

Kirstin Schilling works as patent and licensing manager for Innovectis GmbH, the technology transfer company of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She studied chemistry at the Universities of Marburg and Darmstadt and went on to obtain a PhD in molecular biology at University Hospital of Goethe University. Then, she worked for some years in basic research and joined Innovectis in 2006. After further education in intellectual property law, she is responsible for evaluation of inventions and novel technologies, and she was involved in various R&D projects to further develop early-stage technologies. Having a strong background in life sciences, her emphasis is on the development and licensing of novel therapeutics, biotechnical products and medical devices. Schilling has successfully negotiated and reviewed various IP agreements. She published a book advising scientists at universities how to protect and commercialize their research results (K. Schilling, Forschen –Patentieren- Verwerten, Springer Spektrum Verlag 2014).

Innovectis is a subsidiary of Goethe University and in charge of IP and licensing management on behalf of Goethe University. Further business units include the management of R&D projects, analytical services and scientific consulting. The IP and licensing management is dedicated to the evaluation (market analysis, patent search) and protection of novel technologies originating from academic research. Currently, Innovectis manages approx. 60 active patent families, comprising around 220 granted patents or patent applications. According to national ratings, Innovectis belongs to the top German technology transfer agencies with regard to successful licensing. Customers include renowned companies from a variety of branches, especially from medical, optical, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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