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Jörn Erselius

Jörn Erselius

Managing Director - Max Planck Innovation GmbH, Germany

Jörn Erselius, Managing Director, Max-Planck-Innovation GmbH, Germany

Jörn Erselius, MBA, RTTP is Managing Director of Max Planck Innovation (MI), the technology transfer agency of the Max Planck Society (MPG), the largest German basic research organization. He joined MI in 1991 as Patent- and Licensing Manager and was responsible for advising inventors and commercializing technology in the life science field. Later he took over responsibility for the patent and licensing department of MI. He negotiated numerous license agreements and consulted many spin offs from Max Planck Institutes, such as Evotec or Alnylam.

Jörn Erselius studied Biology at the University of Heidelberg and joined for his PHD studies the Department of Prof. Peter Gruss at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen.

In 2004 he received his “Master of Business Administration (MBA)”, main focus: Management, from the University of Applied Sciences in Deggendorf. He wrote his master thesis on the topic “Patenting biotechnological inventions in Europe and the US”.

Since 2011 he is “Registered Technology Transfer Professional, RTTP” (granted by ATTP, the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals).

Jörn Erselius served for four years as Vice President of ASTP (Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals) and represents Max Planck Innovation and the Max Planck Society in boards of Max Planck spin offs and as expert in several national and international committees (BMBF, BMWi, European Commission, OECD). Currently he is member of the Board of TransferAllianz, the German Association for Knowledge and Technology Transfer.