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Christophe Haunold

Christophe Haunold

President - ASTP, Luxembourg

Christophe Haunold is the President of ASTP 2022-23, elected by the members during ASTP annual conference, Lisbon, May 2022. He has previously served the association as Vice-President and Chair of the Impact and Survey Committee.

He was until May 2020 a manager at Toulouse Tech Transfer, one of the Tech Transfer companies (SATT) dedicated to French public research. The blueprint of this company in 2012 has been his responsibility as he was Toulouse University’s TTO Director.

He was the president of the C.U.R.I.E network (French association for public research valorisation) between 2011 and 2014. Christophe Haunold was also a Vice-president of the European association for Knowledge Transfer ASTP.

He has been educated as a Chemical Engineer (1987), and holds a PhD (1991, Toulouse INP).

Dr Haunold has been working in the field of industrial liaison and public research commercialisation for 29 years, as an expert, a Director and a TT Officer.