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Journals and Articles

Understanding why some patents get licensed…while others do not

Technology licensing is an activity where the owner of a patent (the licensor) allows another party (the licensee) the rights to use, adapt and commercialize that patent in exchange for compensation.


Journals and Articles

The Keys to Successful Technology In-Licensing

In designing new products and services, companies consider licensing technology as a means of getting to market quickly while reducing risk as well as the expenditure associated with the development stage.


Journals and Articles

Putting Market Data to Work for Tech Transfer: Stories from the Field

Gathering and analyzing market data may be at the heart of developing the technology transfer strategy, but its value is not limited to the go/no-go decision and planning how to move forward.


Journals and Articles

License Negotiation Forget-Me-Nots for Technology Transfer Offices

So here is a list we’ve put together to ensure that the most important aspects of license negotiations stay front and center.


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What are the challenges in implementing an European talent