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Patent Inventor Form

In order to assist its researchers in providing this information, KU Leuven Research & Development (technology transfer office of KU Leuven) has developed a mandatory Patent Inventor Form.



Organising a multi-university TT company at Ascenion

Founded in 2001 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LifeScience Foundation, Ascenion is a technology transfer company focusing on the field of life sciences. It currently serves a total of 23 research institutes and university hospitals all over Germany.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: Ascenion GmbH
  • TTO: 23 Institutes / University hospitals (Germany)


On-the-job training at PROvendis

PROvendis has its origins in the innovation consulting firm Zenit GmbH. Founded in 1984, ZENIT is a Public Private Partnership owned by the State of North Rhine- Westphalia, a consortium of banks and an association comprising some 180 enterprises.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: Universities of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
  • TTO: PROvendis


MRC Ethics on Human Tissue and Biological samples for use in research

Samples of human biological material are used for many purposes and are of increasing importance as the funders of research, whether public, charitable or commercial, prioritise areas which rely upon access to human biological samples.



IPR in China: Guidance for Researchers

Though the scale and substance of collaborations varies, a basic understanding of intellectual property rights (IPR) within the Chinese context may help to maximize the success of joint cooperation.



IP Management in research collaboration between EU and non-EU partners

More and more innovation is driven by research collaborations between different entities. Within the context of globalized economy, these research and innovation collaborations are becoming increasingly internationalised.



Fact sheet: IP Joint Ownership

This document is interesting reference document for those involved in negotiating and drafting agreements governing collaborations between research institutes.



Creating start-up: Accessing the appropriate investment capital

Money has no smell. However, within the market there are different types of venture capitalist, which vary in terms of amount of capital invested per participation, management style and objectives, requirements with respect to the company management team, etc.



Material Transfer Agreement Forms

The Research and Innovation Services of the University of Dundee has developed incoming and outgoing MTA forms that researchers need to fill out in order to make sure that the technology transfer services are well informed when processing the MTA’s.



Lambert Toolkit (Lambert Agreements)

The Lambert Toolkit has been prepared by the Lambert Working Group on Intellectual Property for universities and companies that wish to undertake collaborative research projects with each other.



The IP Teaching Kit

This free IP Teaching Kit of the EPO provides academic teaching staff with a unique collection of PowerPoint slides, speaking notes and background information on all the main types of intellectual property (IP).


Journals and Articles

Understanding why some patents get licensed…while others do not

Technology licensing is an activity where the owner of a patent (the licensor) allows another party (the licensee) the rights to use, adapt and commercialize that patent in exchange for compensation.