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Journals and Articles

Staying afloat - how micro TTOs can best use their resources

Technology transfer is an exciting and growing field, but there is naturally a great variety in maturity of operations, both between countries and individual institutions.


Journals and Articles

Some observations of a peripatetic tech transfer agent

‘Technology Transfer Associate?’ the border agent will typically ask, scanning my landing card. ‘What do you actually do?’ and ‘Does such a job actually exist?’


Journals and Articles

Shut up and calculate: the divide between academia and industry

Technology transfer is a bridge that connects academic research and industrial use. Still, the connection is a relatively new and tenuous one.


Journals and Articles

Innovation is global hence knowledge transfer must also be global

ASTP-Proton President, Henric Rhedin offers you a warm welcome to join us in Guimarães for the 2017 Fall Meeting, 22-24 November.


Journals and Articles

An Alternative View of scaling up regional knowledge transfer output

We are all familiar with the traditional “ funnel” model of technology transfer. On paper, this model looks deceptively simple.


Training Materials

What are the challenges in implementing an European talent



Assessing IP and technology at the University of Liège

The University of Liege ranks among the 10% best universities in the world, considering the World University QS Ranking and among the 20% best universities according to the Academic Ranking of World universities.

  • Aimed at: TTOs/PROs/Policy makers
  • University: University of Liege-ULg (Belgium)
  • TTO: Interface