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Investors Day at University of Minho

TecMinho was established in 1990 as a private non- profit association to promote the University’s connection to society and contribute to regional development by supporting the transfer of knowledge and technologies created at the University into application.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: University of Minho (Portugal)
  • TTO: TecMinho


Internal Seed Funding at Imperial Innovations

Imperial Innovations was founded in 1986 as the technology transfer office for Imperial College London. In 1997, the group became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imperial College London.

  • Aimed at: TTOs
  • University: Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
  • TTO: Imperial Innovations


Commercialisation Boot Camps and Venture Launch Accelerator at UCD

University College Dublin (UCD) is Ireland’s largest university with over 30,000 students and around 1,500 academic employers. It has its origins in the Catholic University of Ireland in 1854. The university consists of seven colleges which represent the full spectrum of academic sciences.

  • Aimed at: TTO/Researcher
  • University: University College Dublin (UCD) (Ireland)
  • TTO: UCDInnovation

Journals and Articles

Who should pay for knowledge exchange?

Economic theories of the market and public goods in the evaluation and method for HEIF.


Journals and Articles

Where are the women entrepreneurs, angels and venture capitalists?

Women remain under-represented in science and business including in the creation and operation of spin-off companies from public research institutions.


Journals and Articles

The Value of Open Innovation

Open innovation asserts that a company or organization should make greater use of external ideas in its business and allow its own ideas to go out beyond its own boundaries to others to use in their businesses


Journals and Articles

Good pitch: a key skill for those seeking investment

At the Cambridge Postdoc Enterprise Competition grand finale on 27 October the quality of the finalists’ pitches was vital to their chances of success.


Journals and Articles

Staying afloat - how micro TTOs can best use their resources

Technology transfer is an exciting and growing field, but there is naturally a great variety in maturity of operations, both between countries and individual institutions.


Journals and Articles

Six Myths About Venture Capitalists

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin: We celebrate these entrepreneurs for their successes, and often equally extol the venture capitalists who backed their start-ups and share in their glory.


Journals and Articles

LayerWise - world’s first patient-specific jaw implant

Additive manufacturing technology has opened up possibilities for the production of medical products that can change the way reconstructive medicine is done all over the world.


Journals and Articles

Is Crowdfunding a Good Option for Your Research?

Picture this… It’s 8am. You take your first sip of coffee, ready to start your day. You check your email and… You find out your latest grant application didn’t get funded. Bummer.


Journals and Articles

Investor VCs and Operator VCs

The Venture Capital business is full of great firms that were founded by entrepreneurs/operators who became investors mid/late career.