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Susanne Letzelter

Susanne Letzelter

Corporate Development and Quality Manager - Ascenion GmbH, Germany

Susanne works with Ascenion GmbH, an independent technology transfer company focussing on the life sciences.

She joined the company in 2007 and is since responsible for Corporate and Business Development, helping to form and execute strategic issues and paving the way for new business opportunities for the company. From 2013 until end of 2018 she additionally headed PR & Communication at Ascenion. Beginning of 2019 she also became Quality Manager of the company and accompanied Ascenion’s certification according EU standards which was received in February 2019. As Quality Manager she oversees the organizational structure and its processes to secure high-quality services for Ascenion’s partner institutions.

Susanne holds a PhD in immunology and virology from the Technical University Munich, and a master’s degree in biology from the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich.