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Stella Spanou

Stella Spanou

Fundraiser & Scientific Coordinator, Seedbed Co-activity Leader - Aarhus University, Denmark

Fundraiser & Scientific Coordinator, Seedbed Co-activity Leader, Aarhus University

Stella is a passionate Innovation Advisor with technical & managerial experience gained at international working environments (Greece, Sweden & Denmark). Has a track record in EU competitive Grants & Philanthropy Fundraising. Holds a substantial experience within knowledge sharing & communication between different scientific groups & stakeholders. As well as knowledge of cross-disciplinary areas & a broad network of academic & industrial partners across Europe. Has supported for 2 years the 30 start-ups of the Lefkippos Attica Technology Park in effectively attracting soft and blended funding. Participated as a mentor under the EIT FOOD Seedbed incubator program. And is currently part of the Seedbed Activity Lead team.

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