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Silvia Nast

Silvia Nast

Export Control Officer - ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Before joining the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich as an Export Control Officer in July 2017, Silvia headed several teams in different areas of expertise including Finance, technical purchasing, contract, claim and risk management including export control.

Thanks to Silvia’s experience of more than 20 years in foreign trade and over 10 years in the subject of export control, covering Swiss, European and US legislation, Silvia was able to bring in her professional expertise to ETH Zurich. In her role as Export Control Officer Silvia in charge of the implementation of an Internal Compliance Program (ICP) for Export Control based on the model of the Wassenaar Agreement. In addition, Silvia supports the legal team, the international funding team as well as the technology transfer office at ETH Zurich for all questions around export control.

In the meantime ETH Zurich has its own export control website and an e-learning tailored to the needs of the university, which takes into account the export of goods, the exchange of software and most important, the transfer of knowhow and technology developed and researched at ETH Zurich. It also considers the attention required in terms of employment if the field of research does not only cover basic scientific research and access is provided to unpublished technology. This requires close cooperation with the professors and in-house trainings to affected members of the university.

Silvia holds the Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Export Management, and the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Paralegalism ZHAW.