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Rikke Lynge Storgaard

Rikke Lynge Storgaard

Programme manager - Spin-outs Denmark , Denmark

Rikke Lynge Storgaard is the Programme Manager of an ambitious, national programme called Spin-outs Denmark.

Denmark is outperformed by its European peers when it comes to generating commercial impact from its world-class science base. An international expert report has identified key challenges faced in Denmark. To address some of the challenges, Spin-outs Denmark addresses the main objectives focusing on increasing universities’ technology transfer capacity and capabilities; funding 60 postdoc researchers in becoming entrepreneurs (salary, entrepreneurship training, support from mentor and business developer); and building a strong and aligned entrepreneurial community. The Programme will help to deliver impact from the research activities of the Danish universities. The impact will benefit society through an increase in the number of high-quality technology businesses in Denmark, the number of skilled jobs in these companies and the creation and the support of a national Entrepreneurial Community, which will enhance ecosystem collaboration in many ways. 

Spin-outs Denmark is funded by the Danish Villum Foundation from 2021-2026. Rikke Lynge Storgaard holds a phd. within Health Science and is former COO of a private consultancy firm.