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Marcel Kraus

Marcel Kraus

R&I Funding Schemes Designer and Evaluator - Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Marcel is a R&I funding schemes designer and evaluator at the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR). His work focuses on the innovative potential of social sciences, humanities and arts and on equality, inclusion and diversity in research and innovation. Prior to joining TA CR in 2013 Marcel spent five years at the Fraunhofer Institute for International Management and Knowledge Economy in Leipzig in the area of innovative transfer systems.

Marcel co-founded and now is guiding the implementation process of the 92M EUR funding scheme – The R&I programme ÉTA. The programme’s mission is to support social sciences, humanities and arts (SSHA) and merge them with science and technology so that SSHA become integral components in the innovation ecosystem. He tries to motivate SSHA research community in establishing partnerships with public or private sector, and with natural scientists, engineers and innovators of different provenance in order to response to the socio-economic, environmental, cultural and technological dynamic that societies worldwide currently face.

Marcel also supports career development and gender equality among young researcher generations in the junior R&I funding scheme entitled ZÉTA. He is also engaged in the H2020 project GEECCO focusing on the role of Research Funding Organisation in addressing gender equality in the academia and gender dimension in the content of research and innovation.

Marcel is a member of the International Council of the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre led by NESTA, convened by The British Council. He took part in the work of the OMC Group for Cultural and Creative Industries at the European Commission exchanging the best practice in policies and funding schemes designed across EU. He has been involved in several R&D programmes’ panels and jury boards and he has an experience in R&I project evaluation. Marcel is also a member of External Advisory Committee of the H2020’s Gender-SMART project.

Marcel has a background as an actor, singer and piano teacher and until 2008 he had worked in theatre, musical, film and television productions as an artist. He studied economics at the University of Leipzig (2013), pedagogy at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (2011) and singing at the Prague Conservatory (2002).