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Lukxmi Balathasan

Lukxmi Balathasan

Seedbed Incubator Lead - EIT Food , Europe

Lukxmi leads the Seeded Incubator programme within the Entrepreneurship division of EIT Food, Europe’s leading agrifood innovation initiative.

The mission of Seedbed is to increase number of impactful agri-food tech ventures launched in Europe, with a particular focus on empowering talented science and technologists to commercialise their research innovations

After a decade as a cancer researcher, she has spent the past 10 years facilitating entrepreneurial scientists to bring their research to the market. She believes that science entrepreneurs are the biggest drivers of social and environmental impact, to build a more sustainable, healthy, and trusted food system, and is an advocate for diversity in teams to achieve this goal.

Lukxmi obtained her Master’s Degree in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Ottawa in Canada and a PhD (DPhil) in Clinical Oncology from the University of Oxford in the UK.