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Luis Caldas de Oliviera

Luis Caldas de Oliviera

Deputy Director - iStartLab, IST Innovation Laboratory at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Deputy Director of iStartLab, IST Innovation Laboratory at Instituto Superior Técnico

Luis Caldas de Oliveira teaches entrepreneurship, innovation and intellectual property rights to engineering students at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon. His research interests include speech processing, innovation and entrepreneurship. In 1991 he co-authored the first text-to-speech synthesizer for European Portuguese. Voiceinteraction S.A., a company he co-founded in 2008, is currently selling an updated version of this system. From 2004 to 2009 he was a director at INESC-ID, a private nonprofit research institute. During his term, INESC-ID spun-off 4 start-up companies. From 2009 to 2019 he was Vice-President of IST for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations. Among other initiatives, he created the IST technology transfer office, the Intellectual Property Policy of IST, the IST SPIN-OFF Community and the Técnico Partner Network Program. He led the IST participation in projects such as the IF4TM for the development of the third mission of universities in Serbia, MIND for the development of universities in Central Asia and E4T for the development of entrepreneurship education ecosystems in Europe. He is currently in charge of the iStartLab, the IST Innovation Laboratory.