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Rachel Spruce by Rachel Spruce

From an early age, I have had an affinity for science, this led to me completing a PhD in oncology and molecular biology and subsequently a 10+ year career in academia. Part of my love for science was always about the potential to find solutions to help others. As I was trying to push some of my scientific findings from bench to bedside, I was introduced to the world of intellectual property protection and technology transfer. Despite technology transfer not being new, it is still not widely promoted, understood, or appreciated in University settings.

Realising the importance of intellectual property and patent protection on the advancement of my work, I wanted to find out more, so I embarked on a LifeArc AUTM technology transfer fellowship. This programme equips academic life scientists, with the skills and knowledge in technology transfer through a curriculum that combines formal courses with networking and mentoring. It enabled me to successfully transition my academic career and I am now a technology transfer professional at Imperial College London.

One of the great benefits of being a LifeArc AUTM fellow is being able to attend ASTPs 2021 annual conference. This year’s online event is expected to be the biggest and boldest conference ever, uniting experts, professional and industry from around the world. There is expected to be 350+ attendees from 160+ institutions and 36+ countries.

I’m excited for the networking opportunities, topical debates as well as the early morning run and yoga sessions.

The programme will be delivered over 3 days and focuses on outreach, core business and ecosystems. Sessions led by experts in knowledge transfer are designed for professional at all stages of their career.

To advance my knowledge and to keep up-to date with current perspectives, I am particularly looking forward to sessions on negotiating license terms in life sciences, new perspectives on business models and IP as well as scenarios for conflicts of interest in a university surrounding.

I cannot wait to attend…I hope to see you there!!

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