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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

Knowledge transfer from and with the Social Sciences Humanities and Arts (SSHA) is now recognised as a pillar of ‘Third Mission’ at universities and non-university research institutions across Europe.

Increasingly, SSHA are required to demonstrate their impact and contribution to solving global and societal challenges, as the UK REF (Research Excellence Framework) or the Dutch SEP (Standard Evaluation Protocol) illustrate. A number of questions derive from this new demand, e.g.: How can SSHA achieve a balanced impact orientation? How can efficient incentive systems be designed?

The mission of ASTP Special Interest Group (SIG) SSHA is to address these questions and to create new visions for the future of SSHA knowledge transfer in Europe. As a mutual learning platform for SSHA knowledge transfer and impact, the SIG has been a valued KT network in Europe and beyond since 2015. 

In order to provide inspiration for new approaches and insight in best practice, ASTP SIG SSHA now provides a platform for impact experts and SSHA practitioners to share their experiences and ideas: The Monthly Online SSHA and Impact Flashlight. In the monthly sessions (every first Wednesday of a month at 13:00 CET) that last just 30 minutes, current and relevant projects, ideas and approaches from the field of knowledge transfer and SSHA impact are presented. 

Impact experts, practitioners, academics, politicians etc. are invited to present relevant and topical projects and/or experiences (15-20 minutes). Thereupon, audiences get the opportunity to clarify questions or to comment on the statements and come up with own ideas and associations. Don’t miss the next Monthly Online SSHA and Impact Flashlight!

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