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Author image by Alessandra Baccigotti

Two new communities of practice have recently been launched in order to co-create Codes of Practice for:

  • industry-academia collaboration
  • citizen engagement

A Code of Practice on industry-academia collaboration will reinforce knowledge valorisation by providing principles, recommendations and tools for stakeholders and practitioners. Industry-academia collaboration is one of the key channels for knowledge valorisation and occurs in various ways, such as collaborative research, public-private partnerships, joint infrastructures and mobility. There is also a growing trend driven by open innovation towards more interactive models of collaboration, creation of new intermediaries and digital platforms that facilitate co-creation and matching the supply and demand for innovation.

Citizen engagement in knowledge valorisation can help share new models and innovative solutions responding to societal needs. By broadening the participation in knowledge valorisation processes to users, consumers, and citizens there are more opportunities to expand innovation capacities. This can also ensure that the benefits of innovation are shared with all parts of society and that innovative solutions that stem from such participatory processes are more socially acceptable. The new Code of Practice on citizen engagement will reinforce knowledge valorisation with citizens as the driving force of the process to accelerate the use of knowledge and research results for societal benefits.

Several ASTP members signed up to join the two new communities of practice and will be glad to share their experience with the rest of the ASTP community.

Further information is available here.

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