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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

Healthcare generates millions of tonnes of waste annually and has a higher CO2 footprint than aviation. Do you have an idea of how to reduce this? A medical device, smart digital solution, or
hospital waste recycling idea? With our Green Health Challenge, NLC will support you so you won’t have to implement your impactful idea on your own.

NLC is the European Healthtech Venture Builder. Their mission is to advance health by making impactful medical technologies accessible to patients. They achieve this by building startups following our unique NLC approach. Similar to climbing a mountain, many unexpected situations can occur while building a startup – NLC believe you need a team to reach the top, and they will be there with you every step of the way.


  • Build a startup from your idea in just four months.
  • Teaming – NLC will find a team and entrepreneur who understands the challenges ahead – hiring only when you fully trust their competencies and have a cultural fit.
  • Financing – The startup will receive 100k in initial funding (link) from NLC funds once they have successfully completed the kickstarter Program. They can mobilise up to 5 million in the following rounds and will support the startup in securing external funding (non-dilutive & dilutive)
  • Network –  Use the NLC network and support system to build an environment in which the startup succeeds. Also, our startups get access to our network of over a thousand experts.
  • Legal/Tech/Business support – Their expert teams will support the startup, including legal entity set-up, patent support, market development, financial strategy support, etc.
  • Kickstarter Program – The startup team will undergo the comprehensive program, which consists of 20+ modules to give new ventures an optimal start

Application deadline: 15th Sept 2022. Learn more here

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