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Falling Walls Venture is a global platform for the most promising research-based start-ups nominated by academic institutions from across the world. They provide a stage for pioneering founders who have turned science into business, creating entrepreneurial solutions for today’s most pressing challenges. The fast-paced pitch event is part of the 2-day Falling Walls Conference.

Why should you join?

  • Win a trip to Falling Walls Venture in Berlin and pitch your start-up in front of a high-level jury (travel & accommodation stipend included for start-up presenters)
  • Compete to present your company to 800 international decision-makers on the grand stage of the Falling Walls Conference
  • Gain exclusive access to all Falling Walls events for your start- up and endorsing institution
  • Receive free pitch coaching and in-depth advice from the jury

How can you apply?

Secure an endorsement from a university or research institute Submit your application (including) endorsement to https://www.falling-walls.com/venture/apply

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