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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

Does your project need a broadcast platform or the input of your peers?

Does your KTO need partners or do have a dilemma you want to share with your knowledge transfer colleagues?

At each ASTP Annual conference, 90-minutes of the day 2 programme is handed over to the audience. The Knowledge Stock Exchange (KSE) is an opportunity for you to step up to the podium and speak to the assembled groups.

Over the years many KTOs, national associations, European projects, research institutions have claimed their 15 minutes of fame by successfully applying for the Knowledge Stock Exchange.

So, how does it work?

The KSE is divided into 3 themes: Initiative Sharing, Ecosystem Insights and Marketplace and in the scheduled one and a half hours, selected participants will each have 15-minutes to present their topic to the room.

Initiative Sharing: This is a space for KTOs to share what is new in their institution, allowing you to be source of inspiration, share a dilemma or to identify new partners.

Ecosystem Insights: Take time in this part of the agenda if you have a project to share, or are from an organsiation whose interest overlap with KT.

Marketplace: Learn about companies’ technological services and tools that can help boost your TTO activity. This track is normally dedicated to sponsors.

Apply by emailing Noeleen O'Hara see more details here

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