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Author image by Aurora Genta

The European Patent Office (EPO) has introduced a Unitary Patent dashboard, providing real-time data that confirms the growing confidence in the new patent system. This interactive tool offers a current snapshot of the interest in Unitary Patents, breaking down requests based on various factors such as technology field, country of origin, translation language, proprietorship, and registration status. This information is updated daily and reflects the EPO's ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the new system among users and the public, emphasising its benefits for innovators, particularly smaller entities.

EPO President António Campinos notes that the dashboard promotes transparency by offering valuable insights into the adoption of the Unitary Patent system. He emphasises that since its implementation on June 1, 2023, the system has consistently received requests from applicants, demonstrating significant interest in the new system. The Unitary Patent system aims to provide broader country coverage (currently with 17 participating states) while reducing overhead costs and administrative burdens for patent applicants.

The introduction of the Unitary Patent system signifies a historic milestone in the realisation of the Internal Market in Europe. It introduces a single patent that encompasses 17 states and establishes a Unified Patent Court to resolve disputes across these territories. This transformative system enhances Europe's attractiveness for investment, innovation, and economic development, marking the most substantial development in the European patent landscape since the signing of the European Patent Convention in 1973. This landmark achievement will be celebrated later this year.

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