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Noeleen O'Hara by Noeleen O'Hara

The ecosystem is more complex, more actors are involved and grand economic and societal challenges need to be tackled. Against this background the European Commission recently published a proposal for new Guiding Principles for Knowledge Valorisation which aims to maximise the value of R&I investments beyond the traditional knowledge transfer.

During the 4th ASTP-EU Forum, Ioannis Sagias, Deputy Head of Unit for Valorisation Policies and IPR at the European Commission, will be joined by members of the Community of Practice to update on EU knowledge valorisation policies and related Code of Conduct on smart use of IA. 

A cultural change is needed, moving away from the traditional concept of KT/TT and from the focus on managing IP rights to the broader concept of intellectual asset management.

The Guiding Principles will be implemented with the support of new Codes of Practice, including a Code of Practice for the Smart use of IP, aimed at supporting stakeholders through recommendations and practical examples on how to handle challenges related to intellectual assets in the current research and innovation context. The Code is being co-created through a Community of Practice, involving several ASTP members, which is supporting the European Commission by sharing knowledge, experience and best practices.

Intellectual assets management, IP skills and training, IP valuation and joint industry-academia IP are some of the topics that the Community of Practice has been discussing in the relevant sub-groups. The Community has been an excellent opportunity to shed light on the challenges to manage IP in an Open Science context and to share experience in leveraging IP in Open Innovation environments.

The ASTP-EU Forum on 29th November will be the right time and place to interact with the EC representatives and learn from the Community members who have been actively discussing about the above topics.

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