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Author image by Alessandra Baccigotti

The first two codes of practice implementing the new Guiding Principles for Knowledge Valorisation are now published.

The Code of Practice on the management of intellectual assets for knowledge valorisation, providing direction for the management of strategic intellectual assets is intended to increase the impact of research results and accelerate the use of knowledge. The code provides for recommendations concerning the management of intellectual assets in joint research and innovation activities, the establishment of a strategy for the efficient management of intellectual assets and the transfer of intellectual assets to market. Among the various recommendations provided by the code, there is the management of intellectual assets in a way to enable open science and open innovation as well as the suggestion to clarify ownership of intellectual assets as early as possible in the research process and to establish clear collaboration conditions in joint research projects. Interestingly, intellectual asset means any result or product generated by any research and innovation activities, not only IPRs

The Code of practice on standardisation aims to support the successful integration of research and innovation activities with standardisation. It starts from the consideration that standards help researchers and innovators bring their innovation closer to the market by establishing uniform criteria and by developing methods, practices and procedures which are publicly available in a formal document. Among others, the code recommends to develop a standardisation policy, self-standing or as part of an intellectual property or valorisation policy, and to make TTOs fit for standardisation.

The Commission has also released two factsheets to raise awareness on the Codes of Practice and to promote their uptake by the broadest possible range of R&I actors:

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