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Author image by Noeleen O'Hara

A new European project involving ASTP kicked-off on 1st December 2022. “KTSoftSkills”, a project funded by “Erasmus+ - E+ KA2: Cooperation partnerships in Higher Education”., coordinated by the University of Bologna, Italy and involving ASTP as a partner, together with other European organisations including also our fellow Italian KT Association, Netval.

The purpose of the project is to improve the impact of KT activities within and outside HEIs by:

  • increasing KT professionals’ soft skills
  • systematizing the set of soft skills (e.g., negotiation, conflict resolution, alliance formation capabilities) that KT professionals need
  • making KT more effective, inclusive and impactful
  • providing homogeneous materials and tools for training KT professionals across Europe.

The project is definitely relevant for ASTP members as we all know how important soft skills are for the KT/TT profession! We look forward to benefiting from the results that will be delivered by KTSoftSkills, namely: an Investigation Report, a Self-Assessment Framework, a Training Programme and Toolkit. Regular news will be shared via our newsletter so that all of our members can follow the progress of the project and be engaged in the interviews and focus groups that are planned over the next couple of years.

The Consortium is coordinated by the University of Bologna – Department of Management (prof. Elisa Villani) – and includes other five partners from four European Countries: ASTP, Helsinki Think Company, Jagiellonian University, Netval, and SOPU Academy.

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