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Noeleen O'Hara by Noeleen O'Hara

The New Professionals SIG would be a landing point for individuals that are new to the field of Knowledge Transfer (KT) and Technology Transfer (TT) or that are already in technology transfer but transitioning into a new position or looking for ways to further their professional development. It would be a place to network, expand one’s understanding about the different areas within KT and learn new or develop on existing skills relevant to this profession. We want to provide a supportive, interactive, and educational environment for this group.

Who is it for and who should join?

The New Professionals SIG is open for individuals who are:

  • Looking to transfer into KT
  • New to the field of KT
  • Already in KT but are transitioning into a new role
  • Wishing to build on and diversify their experience within the field
  • Wishing to network with other KT professionals
  • Wishing to share their experience within the field
  • Team leaders who want to provide professional development opportunities for their staff.

Why join and what are the benefits of joining this SIG?

  • KT is a broad area encompassing a diverse set of roles. The SIG will help new professionals in navigating the complex KT landscape by providing information such as:
    • What are the different roles within KT?
    • What prior experience would be required to transition into your role of interest?
    • How to land your dream role within KT?
    • Career planning within KT?
    • What is RTTP and the support required to achieve it?
    • The development resources that are available.
  • The SIG will provide a unique networking opportunity for individuals at various stages in their KT career to come together and support one another in entering into or progressing within the field.
  • The SIG will constantly provide new insights for professional development opportunities in the KT field on every level.
  • The SIG will help team leaders choosing the right programmes and routes for their staff.

What kind of activities could be generated with/for the SIG?

  • Connect new professionals: Understand the KT landscape across Europe
  • Bi-monthly meetings: Professionals that have several years of experience discussing their career path
  • Some ideas for format: panel discussions, forum for casual chat, interview style – fire-side chat, case-study based workshops, mock negotiations – role play.
  • Some ideas for sessions:
    • Patents and Patent law – Europe vs US
    • First time Negotiating a Licence – what to prepare and what to be aware of
    • 'New to KT? - where do I go from here?'
    • Candidate RTTP (cRTTP) preparation
    • 'Awarded Candidate RTTP - What Next?'
    • Type of roles in TT/KT
    • How to assess a technology and considerations
    • Talk about start-ups
    • What is the purpose of TT/KT: commercialisation and impact
    • Listen to company’s prospective when working with KTOs
    • Collaborations with AUTM – building bridges between professional societies
    • The world of Licensing and the CLP accreditation
  • Two newsletters in a year (March and October), discussing activities/events organised by the SIG, celebrate achievements such as successful cRTTP application, new job roles, etc.
  • Identify via a survey what people want to learn about and organise 2 (F2F) workshops each year (one such workshop during the ASTP annual conference)
  • A networking / breakfast event during the ASTP conference
  • Facilitate the sharing of opportunities for new professionals in the KT/TT field such as volunteering roles, shadowing opportunities, internships, staff exchange, etc.
  • Experienced members could help new professionals with CV reviews
  • Outreach event for new professionals who aren't ASTP members yet but could benefit from the membership

How often will the SIG members meet?

  • The co-ordinators will meet once a month to discuss and plan meetings/events involving all members of the SIG.
  • All members of the SIG will meet during bi-monthly meetings.

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