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Noeleen O'Hara by Noeleen O'Hara

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic that began in Europe in early 2020, ASTP created a dedicated survey to better understand its impact on KT professionals and their KT offices. Consequently, the ASTP COVID-19 ad-hoc survey set out to identify the challenges faced by European KTOs, the new practices that have been adopted, and how ASTP can provide further support to its members and the KT community.

Within just 2 months, between 15 July and 15 September 2020, we received answers from 252 respondents from 31 countries. They hold a variety of roles in KT offices, including project and IP managers, support staff and senior management. Their feedback provided valuable insights on the impact of COVID-19 on KT activities and stands as testimony to ASTP being a powerful representative of the knowledge transfer sector and the professionals working in it.

From the survey results, we can see that 71% of KT professionals have been impacted by COVID-19 but thankfully not all negatively. While 35% indicated that their KT offices suffered from cancelled projects and a further 21% from reduced budgets, an impressive 56% have reported new funding and/or business opportunities linked to COVID-19.

It is heartening to see the crucial role of KT activities propelling important innovations and how KT professionals stepped up at this time of international crisis. In fact, many KTOs have reported on how they have been working on life-saving projects such as the development of a vaccine and ventilators and other essential medical devices. The infographic below provides a high-level overview of responses which will be deepened with further insights and analyses in 2021 – so stay tuned and keep healthy and safe!

You can download this infographic explaining all the numbers in detail here

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