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Eugene Sweeney

Eugene Sweeney

Director - Iambic Innovation Ltd, United Kingdom

Director, Iambic Innovation Ltd, UK

Eugene founded Iambic Innovation Ltd in 2000. It provides services and training related to early-stage technology exploitation, and innovation and IP management. He is also currently providing training and support for the preparation of Horizon Europe proposals, with an emphasis on aspects related to impact, innovation and strategies for knowledge management, protection and exploitation.

He has over 40 years professional experience of the commercial exploitation of research and early-stage technologies. As a researcher, he formed his first start-up in 1978. During the 1980’s he worked in the early micro-computer industry, where he was responsible for sourcing, licensing-in, and developing new technologies, and then taking them to market. Following that, for 11 years, he was a senior executive at BTG (British Technology Group), where he managed a portfolio of IP and early-stage technologies, commercialising them through equity investments, start-ups, JVs, and licensing.

He has worked for over 30 years with the European Commission as an expert consultant, evaluator, rapporteur/vice chair, and project monitor for various projects, programmes and strategic reviews. He is currently a senior advisor to the EU IP Helpdesk, and a Central Expert for the EC's Horizon IP-Scan service. As such he contributes to policy issues and best practice guidelines related to IP management, protection, and exploitation.

He is an active member of the International (ISO) and European (CEN) Standards Committees developing standards for Innovation Management and Intellectual Property Management Systems.

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